Stan Freezoid (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) is a villain/lawyer, whose main ability is freezing.



Background Edit


Stan Freezoid

His personality and demeanor as a lawyer is that of a stereotypical ambulance chaser, though Reducto says he is "the best criminal defense guy in the business." His business suit appears to be painted onto his robotic form. Of all the rival lawyers, he is by far the least eccentric and most level-headed. He usually seems rather benign, but he has an explosive temper when ignored, often threatening, "I'll freeze your ass!"

Video Game Edit

Stan Freezoid appears in two cases - "From to Slammer" and "Two Birds, One Throne". In the former case, he accuses Harvey of not being a real lawyer due to his lack of license which immediately throws Harvey in jail. In the latter case, he was one of three lawyers hired by Harvey to try a case for Sebben and Sebben which turns out to be an embezzling trial against Harvey.

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