Hair Bear
First appearance

The Devlin Made Me Do it

Most recent appearance

The Death of Harvey





Voiced by


Hair Bear is a fictional character who orignated in the animated sitcom Help!... It's the Hair Bear Bunch!.

As Seen in Harvey Birdman, Attorney at LawEdit

12 The Devlin Made Me Do It.avi snapshot 07.51 -2012.01.31 20.51.34-

Hair Bear in the court.

Hair Bear first appeared in "The Devlin Made Me Do it". He can be seen in the courtroom, along with Peter Potamus. Second time he appears in "Juror in Court". He is charged with property damage and assault on staff and customers in a fast food restaurant. Harvey defends him and wins the case. Last time Hair Bear appears in "The Death of Harvey". He weeps at Harvey's funeral in the end.

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